Reviews of Magic-Al!

Mike L (London):- Shows are reasonably priced and the show is appropriate for all ages, adults and kids alike. Good basic card tricks as any magician should know and I would still like to know how the coin ended up where it did!.

Jon H (Cardiff):- We were looking for something to see in the afternoon with a 13 year old in our party. We all laughed and enjoyed the show. Very clever, animated and entertaining.

Jenny P (Manchester):- This show had us all laughing and in awe over the many tricks this man performed.

Tim A (Birmingham):-This was our second time seeing him. I love that he interacts with the audience. My husband and I were married that morning and he "volunteered" us to help with his act. He is talented and hilarious. My two young adult children came with us and they laughed so much. I would definitely see him again.

Sarah L (Coventry):-Wow he's soooo funny...his magic tricks are awesome...I was soo amazed at some of them and was laughing the whole time...nice interaction with the public...great for little kids too.